Testimonials - feedback from our customers

I needed quality training materials for teachers and spent approximately 4 weeks looking for courseware. I chose WARP!'s materials because the content seemed user friendly for teachers who were novice computer users. Also, the price was right for a limited training budget.

I was extremely pleased with all aspects of ordering from warpct.com. Selecting and ordering training material was simple, all instructions were easy to follow, and the turnaround time from ordering to receiving the e-mail with files was very quick.

The training materials have been well received by Prince William County trainers and teachers. After using a different courseware provider two years ago, most trainers wanted to go back to WARP because they found the materials easier for their class participants to understand and use.

The price was a determining factor in choosing WARP! Our teachers do not pay for training. Technology Trainers (also classroom teachers) are paid to assist teachers in completing the WARP materials and applying what they have learned to classroom instruction and learning. Approximately 20-40 hours is saved on each module since we do not have to create them.

We offer a 4 week summer teacher training program as well as classes throughout the school year. Classes range between 10-20 participants. Workbooks are photocopied for for all participants and student files are loaded on desktops of computers in training centers. Electronic copies are provided for instructors.

Participants are very happy with the materials since they are attractive and easy to follow.

Pat Donahue
Prince William County Schools
Manassas, VA
My company was sending employees out to a training facility for Basic Windows and Microsoft Office training on a regular basis. While this normally would not be a big deal, we had almost everyone asking to go and several people wanted to go more than once to the same class. After discussing this situation, I began searching the web for companies that could provide me with training materials that I could use to setup an in-house training program. Within the first week of on-off searching and review of different products, I found warpct.com. After looking through the demo manuals that were available, I presented my in-house training program to the Director of MIS and was given the go ahead to order the manuals. Warpct had by far the best overall training program at a great price. The options for upgrades was also very attractive. All of this combined made my decision easy.

Ordering the courseware was very easy. The level of security was good and I received confirmation of my order within a day. When I received the e-mail notifying me of confirmation and my login, it was a simple click to start the process to download my files. I was very pleased with how this process went.

Most of the other courseware providers I have looked at included videos as part of the training so their costs were more expensive, but ranged depending on options the purchaser wanted. In comparison of the product we purchased from warpct.com and those other that were reviewed, warp's training materials were more suited to our requirements: simple training manuals and sample document files employees can copy to their computers and work with. The other options didn't always have files to work with and usually had videos, which just don't work for all employers.

I thought the price was great. It was well within the range of dollars that I was looking to spend and gave me the largest amount of training tools for the dollars that I could find. I have been able to use the training materials to form a base for all our employees knowledge (re-freshed or new). We recouped the cost of the workbooks in the first few hours of our first training session: Basic Excel - 3 employees for 3 hours when Off-site training cost of $295 each for a day - our in-house program was paid for immediately!

In our normal class, we skim through first few chapters of the basic books, but proceed page by page through the other manuals. The users are given an overview and then are given time (chapter by chapter) to step through the sections on individual PCs (at their pace). Questions are asked and answered to the entire group and usually entice other questions from the employees or comments from me (the trainer). We have about 6-8 classes a month (depending on current projects) with 3 students per class session. The books are extremely easy to re-produce. They are printed on a duplex copier and then bound for the number of classes we will have that month. Each employee receives a manual to keep and make notes in and I have a master copy that I work from and make additional notes in. The student files are copied/refreshed from a master directory to each PC before class begins. The manuals have changed how everyone works. They have made my job easier as everyone works off of the same base knowledge so questions are easier to ask and be answered. Employees have been able to assist each other as needed on some applications as well.

The books themselves are great. They are extremely easy to work with and read well. I have received nothing but compliments on them from the people who attend class. Each book presents the material in a clear, concise way that makes sense to me as the trainer and those employees who attend the sessions. I most definitely feel that every employee who attends class using this courseware benefits. I have seen it in how they function and heard it from them as they sit in class and remark to me that they didn't know an application could do that.

I have been nothing but extremely pleased with the purchase of the warpct.com courseware. I have recommended to people I know when they ask me about in-house training. I continue to use the courseware on a regular basis and have had employees take their books home to practice as they are so easy for them to follow.

VM Barana
Anaheim, CA
We offer Business and Industry training to local businesses and individuals in the area of computers and found that the freight to get printed manuals for courses was very expensive. We needed an alternative that we could produce in-house and did not want to spend the time and money it would take to develop our own. We searched for several months. There are a lot of manuals available online, but the cost of some of them is outrageous.

We have been extremely pleased with the warpct manuals. We can print them off as we need them and our students are satisfied with them. I liked the fact that Warpct was very supportive in our attempts to evaluate the manuals before purchasing. Our experience with the Warpct manuals has been a good one. Response to our questions and requests was almost instant. We were very pleased with the service we received, and as I mentioned earlier, the price was right. We had been using printed manuals from another courseware provider, but have since been able to reduce the cost of our courses to our clients due to reducing our materials costs.

The courseware has been an excellent investment for our college. I would estimate that we recouped our initial investment in about 6 months, but money isn't the only issue. Using in-house printed manuals has allowed us flexibility in being able to extend the deadlines for registrations, due to the fact that we don't have to wait three weeks for manuals to arrive through the mail.

Last year in our college, we had approximately 8000 students go through our doors. Not all of these students are taking computer-related classes but we offer dozens of computers classes throughout the year. For the majority of these classes, we are using the Warp manuals. We print a manual for each student in the class and provide a student disk with student files.

Our experience using the Warp manuals has been a very positive one. We will definitely keep an eye on what will be available next.

Diane Koenders, Program Coordinator
Prairie West Regional College
Biggar, Saskatchewan, Canada
With this type of downloadable PDF courseware there is no need to keep an inventory of workbooks. The cost is also significantly less to the school. We reviewed the sample materials and felt that they would meet our needs. We are a school and train paying clients. We recouped our cost with two classes. I would say that we received excellent value for money and the ordering and downloading process was very easy and convenient.

We have new classes starting each month and have classes of up to 15 students. We keep a master copy that we photocopy for each student and provide the "student files" to our learners on floppy disks. The student files are essential: without them we would be required to create or own sample files. The exercises are clear and the students really do benefit. I would recommend you to others.

L. D. McCoy
Dallas, TX
I am an independent educational consultant and needed topics for adult education. I searched for about three weeks using my search engine - Google. You had a great selection of course topics and the price was competitive.

The ordering process was quick and efficient, with the level of security being comfortable. Your communications in all general respects have been clear, concise and easy to understand.

Most of the other training materials I have used have been generic like the Dummie series, which is of course very funny and easy to use. I like yours better because it is streamlined and I can generally get through the material in a timely manner. I train adults of varying levels of skill in one class, and so it is important to have a usable technique to help get satisfactory results. I have found that your stuff is more suited for classes with multiple levels of skills being trained at one time than say the Dummie series or some of the pre-packaged stuff. I have been able to address specific areas of training instead of just a general overview. The student files are Very useful. They really are an effective hands-on practice tool.

I like your materials very much. They are easy to use in a classroom environment and are arranged logically - from simple to more complex concepts with most important topics being covered. They are not intimidating to my clients. The teachers, who are as a rule are generally resistant to training (old-fashioned), like the book layout and are generally delighted with their advances in knowledge.

I have already recommended you to several colleagues.

Michelle Caprio
Wings of Eagles Educational Services
Portsmouth, Virginia
We were looking to provide some in-house training for our employees that was cost effective. We considered both in-house development and prepackaged courseware. I browsed through many different materials over a period of about a week. Your product was site licensed (able to be printed an unlimited number of times for everyone in my organization) which kept the cost down. We have also benefitted indirectly by not having to create our own manuals.

Ordering and getting answers to my questions was very easy and timely. All the support I received was great!

We are having 1 class a month seminar style. I think the product is good and flows well. The workbooks and files are provided to the students to use when they return to their offices where a computer is available to go through each lesson in detail. We print new copies for each class from the pdf files and the pdf files are sent to remote locations for them to print for their staff.

Richard Cockrell
Anchorage, AK
We recently started a new training company and needed materials to get our staff up to speed. We searched for a couple of days and ran across your materials. The price and the immediate availability along with the ability to reproduce unlimited copies were the key factors influencing our decision.

We have had no problems at all in downloading and viewing materials.

The ordering and fulfillment process works great for us. The speed at which orders were filled was very good!

The bundled price is very competitive. We have already recouped our initial investment in one training class! I would recommend this software to any company wishing to save time reinventing the wheel on software training.

Our classes are growing in frequency. Our maximum class size is 5 and we plan to grow to no more than 10 per class. We print the workbooks on a duplexing printer and distribute the diskette of student files to each learner. The manuals are printed and we bind them in a nice cover...

I have been pleased with the materials. By having a set material for each course it keeps our trainers on the same page.

Keep making 'em! Thanks for helping us get our business off the ground without a huge mortgage.

John Kennedy
Accounting Technology Solutions, Inc.
Lebanon, TN
Because we are a non-profit agency we do not have the money to send our users to outside companies for training. Most of our training is done in-house. We purchased the book to train the trainer (more or less brush up on the finer points) and then they train the users.
We looked at other books, but they were either too basic or too extensive. The others were more expensive and didn't contain what needed to be trained. We had two different set of users - the ones that needed the absolute basic and the ones that knew enough, but needed help with formulas, charts, etc. The Excel 97 Warp Training book was an excellent source that allowed me to come up with training lines for both groups without having to buy a lot of extra books.
We looked for quite a while, then I received an e-mail from a newsletter or something that lead me to warp. It was the best thing that we did.

The website ordering system was really efficient - I found what I was looking for, bought it and left.

Heather Rumbough
Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce
Asheville, NC
Your Excel training class is excellent! I was scheduled to conduct training and realized it would be far more efficient to buy training materials rather than build the training from scratch.
I searched the web over the course of an hour or two. Some sites offered good training for use internally by companies but they were not to be used by consultants or external trainers. Your courseware was reasonably priced, suited to my needs and you had no problems with it being used by an external trainer. I downloaded it Sunday night, printed selected chapters and conducted a 2.5 hour training class Monday night. The class received rave reviews. The ease of downloading and using the training was phenomenal.

I'd say that your product is good value for the money. It eliminated the need to design my own training materials. I have used this material in four training classes where I trained paying clients.

I choose chapters to use in each training class. I will open the file, print a master document with those chapters, then have the masters copied at the local copy shop. So far, classes have been small - 2 to 5 participants. The coursebooks are easy to follow. The examples are at a good speed for the participants.

I don't know why any trainer would spend the time creating training from scratch with a great product like Warp Training available!
Many thanks for your excellent materials.

Bill J.
Akron, Ohio