Policies, Terms and Conditions

1: Distribution of courseware

We encourage you to print and bind copies of each workbook for every course participant you train. Every student, employee or training client is welcome to an unlimited number of printed hard-copy versions of your courseware. However, you must agree to these three conditions:
  • You will not distribute electronic PDF copies of your workbooks to anyone.
  • You will not remove your company/business name from the header of each printed workbook page.
  • You will ensure the copyright notice on the inside-front cover of each workbook appears in every printed workbook you distribute.

2: Refunds/Returns

We will immediately refund the cost of TrainPack if, for whatever reason, you cancel your order before you download your workbooks. We cannot issue a refund if you successfully download at least one of your workbooks.

3: Your Privacy

Your privacy and the security of your details are extremely important to us. We will never sell or otherwise provide your name, email address or any other information about you to any third party, except as required by our Credit Card Processing Authority, or by law. This policy applies equally to everyone who ever has any contact with us, by whatever means.

We may, from time to time, contact you with special courseware offers from trainpack.com (warpct.com), unless you ask us not to.

Your payment is handled by PayPal, a convenient online payment gateway: you will need a browser capable of SSL connections to order TrainPack through PayPal. All modern browsers have this capability.

4: Availability of your materials

Your materials will be available for you to download from our servers for as long as we remain in business. Your initial TrainPack purchase is available for download from your password-protected directory on our server for one week. We delete your workbooks after that week to free-up disk space. Rest assured that we keep a record of every TrainPack customer, so at any time in the future all you need to do is email us with a request that your password-protected directory be reactivated and you will again have access to your courseware. You never need to worry about losing a TrainPack workbook.